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Asset Management

Since past asset class performance is not a guarantee of future performance, in our opinion, well-crafted investment strategies must not only acknowledge that future market movements are uncertain, they should plan for it!

Our asset allocation philosophy considers your risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs, investment objective(s), and investment experience before we make a portfolio recommendation. We offer a variety of options as well as personalized portfolios to fit your needs.

We use a robust online tool to help our clients find their personal risk number. Your risk number is unique to you and is one of the biggest factors in determining an asset allocation for a client. The higher the number, the more comfortable you are taking on risk in pursuit of financial independence.

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FNL Managed Accounts

Model portfolios professionally designed and managed by our in-house team.

CAAP Portfolios

Model portfolios managed by some of the most recognized investment strategists in the world, including American Funds, JP Morgan, Litman Gregory, Vanguard and more.

Custom Portfolios

A custom-designed portfolio built and managed just for you by our in-house team or one of our preferred third-party strategists.

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